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Name:Timothy Sebastian Kane
Birthdate:Oct 29
Timothy Sebastian Kane (also known as Tim, Seb, Bas, Timmy, Timmo, Kane, and probably a million other nicknames he can't think of right now) is originally from Norton, Vermont, a small town right on the Canadian border. He was raised by his mother, with help from his Native American grandfather and French grandmother, after his father, the son of an Irish immigrant and his African-American wife, was killed in action serving in the US military during one of the Persian Gulf conflicts when Tim was only a baby. Tim's mom always raised him with an awareness of who his father was, and he grew up always intending to live a good life and make his father proud of him. The Native American element of his heritage was also very important to him, and his grandfather, a member of the Abenaki tribe, made sure that Tim was aware of the rich culture of that side of his family. Because of the influence of loving and proud people in his life, Tim was always determined to carry his family name and the blood in his veins in a way that would make those who'd raised him and gone before him proud.

Tim's mom never remarried, and it's from her that Tim got his strong sense of loyalty, but she tells him all the time that his cheeky sense of humor came straight from his father. He's always up to something and looking for a way to make people laugh, and has been that way since he was very young. Even the most serious of people, like his grandfather, can't help but to laugh when he's around, constantly cracking jokes and being a bit of a prankster. His loyal nature is never more visible than in his love life. He got his first girlfriend, Leslie, when he was 15, and dated her all the way into college, where he pursued a degree in physical therapy at the University of Vermont. She was the first person he ever kissed or slept with, and for years, he thought she would be the one he would marry. That was until they broke up his freshman year when he admitted to her that he thought he might be bisexual. She was extremely supportive, and the breakup was amicable, but she wanted him to be able to explore his sexuality, and date guys if he wanted to try that. The pair remain very close friends to this day, and when Tim moved on and started a relationship with his first boyfriend, Charlie, Leslie was his biggest supporter. While he'd had a fantastic relationship with Leslie, he would honestly say that the first person he'd ever been totally in love with was Charlie.

After two years college, Tim moved to New York City, transferring to a school there to get the chance to do a lot more hands-on work in his field. Charlie stayed in Vermont, and it was one night after a long day of classes that Leslie gave Tim a call and told him he should probably check on Charlie, because something just didn't seem right. He made the phone call and when his phone calls weren't answered, he took the next plane back to Vermont and showed up on Charlie's doorstep just in time to find him coming home with some extremely drunk twink he'd apparently picked up at the bar. The pair were so engaged in their kiss that they didn't even notice Tim standing there right away. At that point, Tim very loudly let Charlie know that he was done, he wouldn't be coming back and he hoped that the other man was happy, and it was worth it.

Tim had a few drinks himself that night, and ended up at Leslie's place where the pair ended up in her bed, Tim taking comfort in the familiarity of having sex with her. Both had long since moved on from their relationship with each other, but they shared a special bond having been each other's first, and Leslie didn't mind being the one Tim used to get through the heartache of that night. When all was said and done, Leslie went with Tim to get the last of his things from Charlie's place, and he decided from that day forward to pour his heart and soul into his career, staying in New York permanently instead of going with his original plan of coming back home to Vermont.

While he remained in New York, finishing up his degree and pursuing his certifications, he went to work as a bodyguard for up-and-coming artist, Angel Shaw. It wasn't with a career in mind by any means, only a way to get him through school, but Tim came to love the job, if only because he loved working with Angel and his band and entourage. It was through that job that he met Luke Jackson, immediately hitting it off with the guy one night when Angel's band played Luke's bar.

One of the scariest instances of his life occurred while Angel was touring as an opening act with a brief summer tour. A young fan was standing in line for Angel's autograph, and while at first, she'd acted perfectly normal, and Tim had been glancing at the next person in line, she suddenly changed in behavior and attacked Angel. Before Tim managed to get the fan off of Angel, he'd ended up with a broken wrist and a lot of bruises. It took him out of the tour before it could be completed, and it took a long time for Tim to forgive himself for not reacting quickly enough to protect Angel completely.

After that, Tim decided that being a bodyguard really wasn't for him, and he remained close friends with Angel and company, but moved on to pouring more time into his actual career. As a side gig for his physical therapy degree and job, he also went on to get certification in being a personal trainer. He took on a side job doing just that for Hayden Newton, and ironically, became a personal trainer to his good friend, Luke. Even more ironic would be the fact that, when Tim began working at Mt. Sinai hospital, specializing in physical therapy for pediatric cancer patients, he would become the therapist for Luke's younger brother Will.

He's come to enjoy being settled in New York, and the close friendship's he's developed there, and while he's continued with a sort-of friends with benefits situation with Leslie. If they happen to be around one another, they'll sleep together. But at the end of the day, it's not the same for Tim as it was when he was in a relationship. Sex to him is always better when paired with love and romance and everything else that comes with that. He hopes that he'll eventually find someone he can share the rest of his life with, but in the meantime, he pours his time into his work and his friendships, and still enjoys causing a bit of trouble and making people laugh more than anything.
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